Welcome to The Healing Haven!

My name is Gwen Welch-Slaff and I am a Licensed Clinical Social Worker, a Mental Health Therapist, an Advanced Certified Hypnotherapist and overseer of The Healing Haven. I have been in the mental health field since 1979, focusing on adults, couples, teenagers, children and families.  I began my career working with teen gang members on the streets of the South Bronx, New York and have since broadened and developed a practice to encompass all ages and issues. I have worked in hospitals, eating disorder clinics, schools, community outreach centers and private practice. I am a certified supervisor of clinicians new to the mental health field. I hold a Masters of Clinical Social Work degree from the State University of New York and a Certification of Advanced Hypnotherapy from the Wellness Institute in Issaquah Washington.  I also hold a Certification in Alcohol and Chemical Dependency from the University of Massachusetts.

Myself along with a group of wonderful clinicians encompass The Healing Haven.

Our website provides an overview of our approaches and an outline of the primary areas that we provide counseling for.  The people we see in therapy come for help with issues such as difficulties in relationships, depression, anxiety, recovery from trauma, parenting issues, grief and loss issues, adjustment issues, eating disorders, weight loss,  chronic pain, career decisions, bullying problems, ADHD and addictions.

Our approach to therapy is tailored toward each unique person, family or couple who walks through our doors. Our theory base stems for family systems theory and our approaches utilize a combination of cognitive behavioral therapy and/or heart-centered healing. In laymen terms, our approach is geared toward eliminating unwanted behavior or overwhelming feelings by finding the source of the issue and making connections with current difficulties.  Within this process, we encourage healthy release of feelings which leads to healthier relationships and positive self-esteem.


Treatment Orientations


Cognitive Behavioral (CBT)



Play Therapy



Motivational Interviewing

Trim-Life Weight Release

In just 4 weeks you will develop a healthy relationship with food! Hypnotherapy, psychological healing and education will be provided in four (2) hour classes. Tools such as the ” hunger satisfaction gage” ” stomach shrinking” and ” extinguishing cravings” will be installed into the subconscious. This program is nationwide with proven success!!

Meet the Founder

Gwen Welch-Slaff has held a passion and a commitment to emotional healing for over 30 years. An east coaster from New York and Boston seeking a more laid back lifestyle found a move to Oregon in 2007 to be just right. With an initial job as the Director of a Child and Family Therapy Program at a local Community Mental Health Center, Gwen directed a staff who provided services within offices and in the community for several years. Missing her prior work as a clinician in her own practice, Gwen opened The Healing Haven where she has been providing services to individuals, couples,  children, families and groups. Gwen then attended the Wellness Institute for two years in Issaquah Washington where she has been trained and certified as a Heart-Centered Hypnotherapist. She now combines cognitive behavioral therapy with heart-centered hypnotherapy when indicated and desired. She has found remarkable success with the issues that people bring to her. Read more.